Art Alive Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its blog

Art Alive Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its blog. Art Alive Gallery exhibits and represents the works of emerging and established artists.

This blog by Art Alive Gallery will give its audience an opportunity to connect with the world of art in an intimate way.

The blog will work as a channel through which one can express their love and appreciation for art, as well as knowledge, and wisdom in the field of art. This blog is where you can read all about art at large and it’s past, present and future, and its various forms, from abstract to contemporary, visual to modern, watercolor to acrylic, and many others.

This blog will keep you updated with the latest news, the current happenings and the latest trends of the art world and especially those looking to invest in Indian art, this will take you through it all. With this blog, we aim to create a community of all like-minded people and provide a platform to share their experiences in art. The blog will talk about the art practices, the techniques and materials being used by various artists. It will trace the journey and look at art as it has evolved over the years in India and around the world. The blog will talk about the distinguished artists who are now the faces of Indian art.

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