India this summer at Venice Biennale

It is the moment of pride for each one of us as India is doing great this year in the 58th International Venice Biennale entitled “May you live in interesting times’. It started on 11th May and will continue till 24th Nov 2019.

We are pleased to inform that the Indian Pavilion got tremendous response from the audience. Roobina Karode is the curator of the Pavilion. The exhibits “our time for a future caring” displays works based on Gandhian philosophies and messages. It’s overwhelming to know that India’s pavilion is among the top 10 of the various participating countries.

A total of 7 works from artists were displayed which includes Atul Dodiya’s installation, Broken Branches (2002) reflected artist’s Gandhian upbringing in Porbandar, the birthplace of the Mahatma. GR Iranna’s work Naavu (We Together), a wall installation made of hundreds of padukas (wooden footwear) also propagates the effectiveness of non-violence. Nandalal Bose’s Haripura Panel (1938), commissioned by Gandhi himself and depicts India’s rural population. Fragments (1993) by Rummana Hussain’s is a five-piece installation which shows the concept of the earth taking shape as a nation, a philosophy often preached by the Gandhi. An untitled work by Shakuntala Kulkarni (2010-12) and Untitled (2019) by Ashim Purkayastha, acyclic on canvas with stone sculpture, talks about Gandhi’s path of peace. All expressing Gandhian views and approaches as a way of celebrating 105 years of Mahatma Gandhi.