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April 2009, Newsletter

January 2009, Newsletter
  Lead Story - Value and Effective Evaluation
  Report - Re-view & Pre-view 08/09
  Forthcoming Shows and Events
  Did You Know?
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January 2009, Newsletter

Art Alive Gallery wishes you a very happy 2009! In this new beginning we have made some changes in our website in order to make it more reader friendly and easily accessible. Also we introduce a quarterly newsletter to help us associate with our valuable addressee in a more concrete and in an interactive manner. In order to make our newsletter relevant to our times and receptive to our anxieties regarding the world of art, we have organized our newsletter to feature varied information from different zones: Contemporary Art, History of Art, Art Market, Valuation, Artists Profile and life.

Our Cover Story, ‘Value and Effective Evaluation’, considers the present fear that surrounds art investments and discusses a few issues regarding evaluation of a work of art. In another segment we present a Report- ‘Re-view & Pre-view 08/09’, on our ventures of 2008 and entails vision for 2009.The section on Forthcoming Shows and Events, enlist the show scheduled for the month of January and give a synopsis of the show, the artist and the theme. This time we have a ceremonial show –‘Divagations: Spaces of Possibility’, a group show of six Raza Awardees of years 2006 to 2008, Atul Dodiya, Jayashree Chakravarty, Sheetal Gattani, Avadhesh Yadav, Vanita Gupta and S. Harsha Vardhana. And a Book - Release of English version of a book entitled, ‘Mandalas’, on artistic journey of S.H. Raza, written in French by Olivier Germain-Thomas.

We are also introducing two informative and intriguing sections: ‘Did You Know?’ and ‘Fact or Fiction?’; where we shall be narrating interesting stories about contemporary artists or an art movement from the world history of art, giving interesting details of the event or the artist or a period. This time, we are thinking over: Why would not a philosopher want to include arts in his ideal idea of Republic? observing the power that art holds in stimulating emotions and Is street art – ‘Art’? , looking at works of a famous British artist- Banksy. The idea is to enhance our understanding and encourage discussions on Artworks and art practices.

The function of a newsletter doesn’t finish with you receiving our mail. We welcome your valuable suggestions, comments and observations to make our newsletter more interactive and comprehensive.